Nurse Call / Panic Alarms / Lone Worker

Nurse Call / Panic Alarms / Lone Worker

Protection of life is our highest priority. Our ability to perform here comes down to having a robust, accessible and reliable system that is intuitive for users of all ages.

Our Nurse Call and Panic Alarm systems are in use throughout many elderly villages, nursing homes, hospitals, residential and commercial environments. Designed to provide peace of mind for both the people using them and their families.

Panic alarms are used in a diverse range of situations – from staff on their coffee break, to bank tellers, to people who are alone at night. Having a panic button can make all the difference in not only being safe, but feeling safe.

Lone workers are often at high risk, meaning health and safety requirements are paramount. Our systems can offer regular checks, and fallback alarms generated from falls or accidents. Regardless of your employees’ conditions, we can tailor a solution to your specific environment.

Our regular testing ensures these devices are in perfect working condition and ensures your employees using them are familiar with their use.

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Nurse call / Panic alarms - Tauranga

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