About Us

Why Vertex Security?


Vertex was born from years of experience in the security industry. We took our passion for security and transformed it into the best service money could buy.

Our previous experiences in guard work, monitoring, and security installation have been at the root of everything we strive for. Vertex aims to provide the perfect solution to any scenario a customer requires. Whether it be monitoring, intruder detection, automation or other specialist security services – Vertex have you covered.

Our company strongly values business relationships, meaning we hold ourselves to a stringent code of conduct, ensuring the continued success of your business.

About Vertex Security

About Vertex Security

Our managing director, Shey, started our company from humble roots after working in the security industry for over ten years. He put his passion for securing individuals and businesses into all facets of the business. With the mission of giving customers the ultimate level of security, he set out to use his previous experiences to his advantage. From here Vertex security was born, and with it, the perfect solution to any and all of your security requirements.

The day-to-day running of Vertex Security involves responding to faults and service calls and carrying out new installations or maintenance. We also spent a constructive amount of time maintaining client relationships. Our team share strong ideals surrounding how a business should conduct itself, strongly believing that a relationship with the customer is paramount to the continued success of both businesses.

We are currently looking to expand our management and technical team to take on more projects, further cementing our place in the security industry. Our services are currently being offered in the local and extended Bay of Plenty Area.

Shey Malcolm

Owner, Managing Director

My security installation career started in Rotorua, where I worked on a large range of domestic scale alarm systems, I spent a lot of time fault finding, and working on obscure systems that were doing more than they were “supposed to do out of the box” – I enjoyed this and it paved the way for me to move onto larger scale systems, where the options for expansion and custom integration took off. I found myself working on large scale developments, museums, and multi-tenant access control systems, as well as schools and other large scale environments. I moved to Tauranga with my wife and stepped into the world of IP CCTV and networking, looking after core monitoring infrastructure and looking after large scale customers including Tauranga City Council, large retail chain stores and environmental facilities.