Access Control and Automation

Access Control and Automation

As buildings are becoming increasingly integral to the way we work, there exists a diverse and exciting realm of possibilities under the building automation umbrella.

One of our most popular services is Access control. Access Control can be implemented allowing the control of entry through a set of doors. This allows staff access to come through their individually approved doors, either during or after-hours, and also can allow the general public to enter specific doors during work hours. Our high level of maintenance ensures that public holidays and daylight savings times are always checked and updated well in advance. This ensures your building is never accidentally made insecure due to a holiday or DST error.

Another integration we are often asked for is light synchronisation. This ensures lights are activated when the building is disarmed and deactivated when the building is re-armed. Lights can also be automatically turned on in the event the intruder alarm activates, aiding the CCTV system to capture the best images it can.

Our systems can also be configured to allow the end-user and approved staff to remotely control their building. This can include arming or disarming the alarm, opening a door or gate, or turning the lights on. All available with the touch of a finger, from anywhere around the world.

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Access Control and Automation - Tauranga


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