Intruder Detection

Burglar Alarms

Our intruder alarm systems are tailored to suit any environment. We utilise a range of products including motion sensors, door contacts, heat and smoke detectors, to ensure your home or business is immediately alerted upon detection. Our security systems offer a reliable, cost-effective solution to protect your property from theft, fire, and unauthorised access. They can also ensure accidentally leaving the door open is a thing of the past, giving you peace of mind that employees or family members haven’t left anything open.

Our medium to large scale systems have the ability to not only cover intruder detection but also integrate access control. Whether this is a garage door for your home or a gate to your commercial property, our systems are designed to incorporate all of your security needs into one easy to manage package.

With our monitoring service you can rest assured that your property is protected 24/7, 365 days per year, by our professional monitoring team. Should an alert be triggered at your property we have plenty of options. You can choose to be contacted or even have a guard dispatched immediately. We can check to see if a fire service needs to be dispatched or a technician sent for an urgent repair. Whatever you need, our team will provide the appropriate response.

From residential systems to high-end enterprise we provide a flexible and economical solution to suit your needs.

Introducing Paradox Security Systems

Paradox Security Systems is one of New Zealand’s most popular brands when looking at Alarms. Paradox alarm systems are designed in such a way that modifying existing installations can be done without invasive wiring and damage. Vertex Security supply and install Paradox Alarm Systems in your home or business.

Added advantages of Pet Friendly PIR’s, Smoke detection sensors ( which can be flush mounted OR surface mounted) & wireless sensor ability. Paradox Alarms are the go-to alarm system.

Paradox alarms are capable of security alarm monitoring services.  Paradox security systems offer the latest smartphone technology, RF Remotes & 2 way remotes which give audio ques when the alarm is activated or disarmed.

Inner Range – Alarm & Access Control Systems

Inner Range – Intelligent Security Solutions is another option for your home or office alarm application. Vertex Security can both supply and install Inner Range Alarms.

Inner Range has been an industry leader for Intruder Detection systems for quite some time. Their alarms allow thousands of areas, thousands of zone inputs, thousands of auxiliary outputs, powerful macro-logic, TCP/IP connectivity and an array of flexible reporting options making these alarms suitable for the small home installation right through to large scale enterprise solutions.

Inner Range is a Winning Solution

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